"We have been extremely impressed by the quality of the work and the fact that it has always been delivered when it was promised. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone."

Tony Braddon, MD,
Tickford Powertrain Test Ltd

"Unfailingly, even with the most challenging and complex briefs, Springwater have managed to deliver perfect results on brief, on budget and on time."

Phil Strachan, MD, Strangebrew

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between digital and litho printing?

These are two different technologies but both give a similar, high quality printed result.

Digital technology makes it possible to print directly from an electronic file onto the paper or board. No printing plates are needed. This makes it very cost-effective for short print runs. It also has the advantage of being able to print full colour for a similar cost as a single colour. One of the key features of digital printing technology is that each printed copy can be unique making it ideal for producing highly targeted and personalised direct marketing letters and mail shots.

Litho technology has much higher ‘up front’ costs but is more cost-effective on medium to long run work. There is also a greater choice of papers and boards suited to litho printing.

So, digital for short runs and incredible versatility and litho for more cost-effective longer print runs.

At what point should we talk to Springwater?

Ideally, we’d like to be involved right from the beginning when the design and artwork are being considered. That way we can help you make the right choices about how to achieve the result you’re after for the most cost-effective investment. By choosing carefully which supplier to use, we almost always have the right press available to produce a quality job at the most economical price. This is particularly important when there are a number of components (e.g. printed CD, brochure, personalised letter and custom made envelope) all of which involve a variety of technologies and specialist services. In short, the earlier we help you, the more benefits we can offer.

Why can I buy from the internet cheaper than I can buy from a conventional printer?

Buying through the internet usually involves making a number of compromises. Take Business Cards as an example. An internet based printer will wait until he has 30-60 different cards in hand so that he can print them all together. Can you wait that long? Those cards will all be on the printer’s choice of board (rather than yours) and generally size and colour restrictions will apply resulting in a mass-market product rather than a bespoke one. In a nutshell, with an internet based printer, ‘you get what you get’. With Springwater, ‘you get what you want’.

We have someone in-house who buys print. Why do we need Springwater?

We regularly work with in-house print buyers. They use us because our 20 years of experience helps them to do their job better and ensures that they get a quality product at a competitive price, on time, every time.

We’re always running out of stationery. How can Springwater help?

We can help in a number of ways by offering over 20 years of experience to manage the buying and replenishing process for you. We’ll help you to plan your inventory so that you never run out of important items. Advanced planning will also ensure that you’re always paying competitive prices. It’s a stress free, price perfect solution that we’re happy to provide. Read about our Print Management Service for more details.

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